Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Happy !!!!

Morning all from a very sunny Sunday.

I was not sure if I would do that post or not, but at the end of the day, I thik I should.

As some of you might know, am a DT for Robyn's Fetish, and I have tried, up till know to do my "job" as well as I can. One of our duty is to leave comments on the card which has been shown in the challenge. My "coup de gueule" (and I won't translate it, bet all will understand...) is that we take time to create cards or project, we are pleased and proud to share it with others in different challenges and some DT  DO NOT EVEN CARE AND LEAVE US A COMMENT.

I had to say it. Susan our DT's Chef.....Lol!!!! (hope you like that title Susan....) regularly remind us that it is part of our duty, and she is right, it's so nice to read the comments and see that people have taken a minute to read our post and looked at our card.

Sorry if I have bothered some of you, but I think someone has to say it. I even wonder if I am going to be bothered entering any challenge any more.

Going for a coffee now to calm myself down. I might find a few comments when I come back.....Mdr!!!! Lol!!!!


  1. Laurance, take it easy...and enjoy your work!No metter what people "don't" say!!!

  2. Laurence, think of it like this "they are too jealous of your beautiful work, they are all lost for words"
    Keep up the great work cheers Sue N (Robyns Fetish Teamie)

  3. Hi Laurence,
    This is your "Chef" and I am extremely proud of the work you do on our DT for THE ROBYN'S FETISH CHALLENGE.
    Your projects are always very creative and GORGEOUS!
    As our teamie, Sue N, said, I also think that they must be too jealous and can not bring themselves to leave a flattering comment because of their jealousy. That should make them very embarrassed for 2 reasons: first, because they can not accept seeing someone more talented than they are and secondly, for not fulfilling their commenting responsibilities.
    Try to ignore them and be proud of the wonderful work you do.

  4. Thanks so much girls, that make me smile. I have never thought of it : Jealousy....!!! How s....they can be. Am like the others and am finding my idea looking at others gorgeous creation.

    But still don't find it fair....

  5. as the DT co-ordinator of a challenge blog who has had to take time off due to illness, I am hoping and crossing my fingers that the rest of the DT is following thru and leaving comments the way they are supposed to. thank you for the reminder that part of the agreement when joining a DT is to leave comments on entries. it really does make a difference.
    I can't leave comments the way I used to, but hopefully when this battle with cancer is over, I'll be back to blurffing again.... just know that you do wonderful craft projects and you have people who support you. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Hope that "crab" as we call it in France will leave you in peace soon, and that you'll be able to "blog world" soon.
      I understand that people can be ill, and as you sometimes badly, but we normally are a team, so other DT could (and should) be able to leave comment for you.

      Take care of yourself.

  6. Ah honey it saddens me to read this sweetie.
    And I don't blame you for saying your piece...
    wishing you a good week hen.
    (And I love seeing what you create - always.)
    Love n hugs.

  7. Hi Laurence - I've just joined a DT and I consider it a privilege to go round blog land and see other people's creations. Plenty are better crafters than me (not hard, I know!) and I don't enjoy some people's work but I can appreciate the time, trouble and effort that has gone into each and every creation and I find something nice to say about each project that is on my number rota.
    Keep going honey and try to ignore the rude people out there.
    Hugs, Helen x