Thursday, December 13, 2012

Picture Tutorial

That's my second post for today....And my first ever tutorial for making a card. You will probably find it poor, but I promiss you I really do my!!!

Here is the material required for this card.
A card 9 X 29.6 cm fold in half
Backing paper 14.5 X 8cm
Backing paper 13.5 X 7 cm
Image of your choice.

For my card I have used 2 cute Ink "Penguins with a present", that I have printed in 2 different sizes. How do you do that, do you wonder?
To be honest, with all our modern equipement, it's very easy.

Select the image you wish to use, than click on "Print" and a new box should open. After that, it all depends on your printer, but you are always able to choose the size you wish.
As Heidi's image is "small" I have printed mine in  10 X 15 cm, and have only selected 1 image to print.
Here it is

Than I re-printed it in 9 X 13 cm, and have selected 3 images (instead of the 9 you can print)
Here they are

After having cut them, I have coloured them with my Spectrum noirs in the following shades :
Feet : 33 and 24
Penguins' bodies : 109 and 120
Ears protections : 163 - 14 - 64 and 84
Scarfs : 12 - 35 - 82 - 146 - 185 - 74 - 175 and 171
"Becs" : 45
And for the present, I have used my Gelly Roll Sakura Pens.

I have glued on the card my 2 backing papers with my "Pinflair Glue", 

than add my penguins, 2 "flat" and 2 in 3D.

I finish my card with a "Merry Christmas" sentiment in French.

Hope it's clear enough.....Enjoy and show me what you came up too, I would be very pleased.


  1. Great tutorial Laurence! Love that you used 4 of the penguins! :)