Sunday, April 17, 2011

Krafty Karen's challenge

As you all know, Karen has reach 100 followers on her blog and has decided to celebrate by doing a challenge.

I am proud to be one of her follower and therefore have decided to participate to the challenge. The challenge is Be inspired by your most Favourite Creation. I have decided to use the card I made for Valentin this year.
I am very proud of that card. It is the first card, I made without any help. I saw a card similar on one of the girls from Crafters companion, and have decided to try one. BUT I don't have any Die Cut machine so have made it with "The Glitter Girls" board.

Karen, ask us to create a new card, so I have done this one.

I have used the same old way...Hand cutting....Lol!!!

For the image, I have used one of the TLC Digi Stamp, from the serie "be the....". As it is spring, I have decided to use "be the Sun". I have coloured the sun with
Promarker  "Pastel Yellow"
Sakura Permopaque Fine Point "Yellow" and
Chalks Bright "Yellow" and "Orange".

I have printed the sentence on a yellow paper, to remember the Sun.

I had as much fun, as I had when I made the first one....But will still be over the moon when I can buy a Die Cut machine....Lol....


  1. Oh Laurence I LOVE what you have done here sweety! I am truly in awe that you have done all of this by hand! Seriously WOW!! :0)
    Thank you so much for taking part in my 100 follower challenge, and for putting so much thought and effort into your entry.
    I truly adore this card honey!xx

  2. hi laurence

    your cards are lovely - very nice xx

  3. Thanks for the comments. Karen, I did the card thinking of you, and really find the sentence was perfect. Will send the card to you when the challenge is over. XX

  4. This design is amazing...I love eyelets. Fantastic card...I'm now a follower!

  5. WOW what an amazing card Laurence and to have cut it all out by hand. A huge well done and what a great entry for the challenge :)
    Debbie x

  6. What lovely cards and cut by hand!! Oh, wow...

  7. I've been really inspired by this card! Thank you.

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  9. These cards are fab Laurence. x

  10. Wow Laurence what gorgeous cards.

    Julie x

  11. Congratulations on winning my 100 follower challenge. :0) xx